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From ancient times till the present times, the textiles of India have been renowned worldwide. Among the many centers of textiles around the world, one city stands out prominently in the history of modern Indian textiles – Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Once hailed as the Manchester of the East, this vibrant city has witnessed a rich and vibrant textile trade in the past few centuries. Dynamic Autolooms takes great pride in upholding this tradition, by crafting the machines that enable the production of textiles.

Dynamic Looms began as a modest workshop in 1976 when shuttle looms had just been introduced in the Indian market. Since then, the company has treaded a remarkable journey in manufacturing of textile machinery. Today, in the centers of textile trade around the nation such as Surat, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, and many more, the company’s name has become synonymous with the production of top-quality textile machinery. The company hails an indigenous design department equipped with cutting-edge software which enables us to develop new products and optimize existing ones with utmost precision. This combined with our state-of-the-art range of advanced machinery, including CNC, VMC, Laser Cutting, and Bending machinery, ensures that each of our products is crafted to the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and durability. Our team of seasoned engineers, designers, and managers with extensive expertise in the industry, use all these facilities to their best. Every production order undergoes meticulous scrutiny to guarantee the highest calibre of each machine, right down to the tiniest cog.

As a world-class manufacturer Dynamic Looms offers a diverse range of cutting-edge products, including Rapier Looms, Shuttle Looms, Electronic Jacquards, Looms for Technical Textiles, and Wire Weaving Looms. Our current line-up of machines includes:
• SHIVA DR 2 PLUS – Heavy-Duty Flexible Rapier Loom
• MAGIC E7 For Gauze Fabric Weaving – Flexible Rapier Loom
• GANESHA – 4X1 – Semi-Automatic Drop Box Shuttle Looms
• GANESHA – 4X4 PICK N PICK – Semi-Automatic Drop Box Shuttle Looms
• ELECTRONIC JACQUARD DEJ21-1408, DEJ21-1536, DEJ21-2688, DEJ21-5376 – Applicable for Shuttle Looms & Low-Speed Rapier Looms
• ELECTRONIC JACQUARD DEJ22-2688, DEJ22-5376 – Applicable for High-Speed Rapier Looms

At Dynamic Looms, we firmly believe that the key to success lies in delivering quality products and ensuring complete fulfilment of customers’ requirements. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards by dedicating ourselves to our customers’ needs and continually upgrading our products with smart, cutting-edge technologies. With our highly skilled team, state-of-the-art facilities, constant commitment to innovation, and unwavering ethical clarity we strive to shape the future of the textile industry and uphold the rich legacy of Ahmedabad and India as a global textile hub.

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