Apparel Industry
  • Sarees
  • Dress Material
  • Sherwani
  • Scarf
  • Dupatta
  • Choli
  • Salwar
  • Ethnic Wear


Household Fabrics
  • Furnishing
  • Bed sheets
  • Shawls
  • Curtains
  • Blanket Chadar


Technical Fabrics
  • Glass Fiber
  • Nets
  • Filtration
  • Packaging
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP)



Corduroy is a fabric, usually made of cotton, with a cut-pile weave construction. Extra sets of filling yarns are woven into the fabric to form ridges of yarn on the surface. The ridges are made so that clear lines can be seen when the pile is cut.

This particularly dense fabric construction is ideally suited for production on the SHIVA DR II PLUS machine. when equipped with a dobby. All type of corduroy weave is possible.

Light Denim

Denim was originally workwear. Fashion shifted from blue open-end jeans to different colors and a softer touch (lyocell, ring spun), elastic jeans (elastane), jeans with quite different fashion yarns.
SHIVA DR II PLUS Rapier Weaving Machine

Light Denim can be woven on the SHIVA DR II PLUS machine i.e. 190 cm wide loom. Equipped with a double pressure roller on the sand roller take-up, which prevents any reverse slippage of the fabric.

Handkerchief & fancy poplin
Handkerchief & fancy poplin

Handkerchief may be plain or barred and can be white, dyed or printed. Poplin is a medium spun style, with rectangular construction, mostly plain weave.

Trendy Rapier Weaving Machine The Trendy Rapier Weaving Machine has acquired a reputation for efficient weaving of fine cotton fabric constructions, such as fancy shirting and handkerchiefs. The shed geometry and the gripper and tape guiding system lend themselves to dobby weaves with a large number of harnesses. Constructions with quite different warp tension levels in the main body of the fabric and a border or rib with another weave pattern are handled easily. The SHIVA DR II PLUS is designed to allow the weaver maximum freedom with textile settings.

High twist
High twist is a light filament style. It is also called crepe or crepe de chine and is mainly used in ladies’ wear.
SHIVA DR I Rapier Weaving Machine Crepe-like fabrics with highly twisted warp and weft yarns in extremely complex harness and draw patterns are ideally suited for the SHIVA DR I Machines. They show good performance figures, as their maximum speed is always attainable, even when the shedding motion is made to work very hard.
Man-made fibre suitings:

Suiting is a general term for fabrics used for coats and suits for both men and women. Man-made fibre suiting fabrics can either be woven with airjet or rapier weaving technology.

SHIVA DR I & SHIVA DR II PLUS rapier weaving machine Weaving synthetic suiting materials is fairly straightforward and poses no problem with the SHIVA DR I weaving machine. To add value to such fabrics, dobby and the name selvedge is often used. This makes the fabric look as if it were produced with all the attention normally devoted to worsteds.

An enhancement is possible by creating a name selvedge. This can be done in a limited way using extra harnesses from the dobby.

The Elecronic Piezo Sensor (weft braking sensor), with which the SHIVA DR I is equipped to weave such fabrics, also helps to give the fabric that essential touch by making it possible to modify the weft tension during insertion and thereby the hand of the fabric.

Sport shirting, Gingham & Poplin
Sport shirting, Gingham & Poplin
Poplin is a medium-spun style, with rectangular construction, mostly plain weave. Gingham is yarn-dyed or printed medium poplin. It is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric with a plaid or check pattern. Poplin is popular for shirting, as also is fancy poplin.
Trendy, SHIVA DR I, SHIVA DR II PLUS rapier weaving machine
The shed geometrics of the SHIVA DR II PLUS are designed to yield the best possible treatment of the warp yarns. With finer yarn counts, this immediately results in fewer warp stops.
Worsted & Wool-like Fabrics
Worsted is a tightly woven fabric made by using only long staple, combed wool or wool-blend yarns.
SHIVA DR II PLUS Rapier Weaving Machine
Wool-like fabrics are made from worsted blends. They are very much the vogue today since the major fibers used – nylon and polyester – provide very good service to the consumer.